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Curtain Call

27 November–14 December 2013
BLINDSIDE // Melbourne

Curtain Call invites artists who have exhibited at BLINDSIDE to debut new work or revisit previous work in a new context. Curated by Kali Michailidis, a curatorial student at the University of Melbourne, this year’s edition of Curtain Call brings together works concerned with the body, materiality and spatial constraints. The invited artists are Todd Anderson-Kunert, Skye Kelly, Adele Macer, Caroline Phillips, Leela Schauble and Naomi Troski.


Caroline Phillips’s Dysfunction is an installation of clusters of totemic sculptures, made from miscellaneous recycled industrial pieces stuffed into cotton tubing and unused hospital compression socks. The materials make reference to skin, flesh and muscle and evoke a sense of injury. Their recycled and industrial nature suggests a mechanical and uniform approach to relationships that is no longer functional. They hang like limp rag-doll limbs, lifeless but not deflated. Phillips’s minimalist and understated aesthetic recalls the feminist soft sculpture tradition of the 1960s. Dysfunction asks what is the way forward for these relationships in a society that has moved past the overt feminist activism of the 1960s and 1970s.


Catalogue Essay by Kali Michailidis


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