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8 March–27 April 2013
Craft Victoria // Melbourne

"Enmeshed addresses us as political subjects, challenging us to consider the gendered ideologies invested in cultural practices. As a fundamental measure of social differentiation, gender inflects all practices. The historical division of labour between the genders has contributed to perceptions that art, craft and design represent distinct ways of thinking and working, particular practice contexts and narrow practitioner identities."
— Dr Carolyn Barnes

This exhibition looked to capture a feminist language of the materiality of space through the use of interior architecture, the treatment, decoration and design of gallery surfaces.

"I am using the architectural space as a material and conceptual metaphor for the human experience. My practice investigates the feminine body in space. Women have historically occupied a range of internal spaces – such as domestic interiors, familial relationships, physical and cultural roles and expectations – and in many cases the feminine has been considered as 'surface' (hidden interiority, or passive waiting to be inscribed upon by others ), 'excess' (out of control or ornamental) or 'beautiful' (idealised or lightweight)"

— Caroline Phillips

Enmeshed features black rubber octopus straps that line the walls in free-form, organic patterns. Through this exploration of colour, rhythms, decorative motifs, hooks and tension, Emneshed asks 'How can a room reinscribe a particularly feminine conception of space?'


Catalogue essay by Dr Carolyn Barnes

Q&A: Caroline Phillips + Debbie Pryor


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