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SafARI 2010

5–30 May 2010
Firstdraft // Sydney

SafARI 2010 champions emerging artists and artist-run initiative spaces. The ‘unofficial’ fringe exhibition to the Biennale of Sydney, SafARI 2010 exhibits the work of 14 emerging artists across four of Sydney’s Artist-Run Initiative (ARI) galleries during its opening weeks. While the Biennale presents the work of the established heavy weights of the art world, SafARI connects viewers with grass roots art practice; drawing attention to the crucial role ARIs play in fostering creative talent.

The strength of the exhibition lies in the diversity of styles, mediums and ideas presented. Practices range from sculpture to painting, performance, public interventions, installation, photography, collage and design. Some of the works are playful, others are deeply provocative. Some engage with dark humour, while many simply indulge in the madness of creation. As co-curator, Danielle Hairs says “SafARI is a celebration of the bold new paths being forged at the grassroots level.”

Curated by Lisa Corsi and Danielle Hairs, with Alex Maciver.

Nils Crompton, Karla Dickens, Will French, Biljana Jancic, Marius Jastkowiak, Leahlani Johnson, Sue-Ching Lascelles, Vince and Vaughan O’Connor, Caroline Phillips, Tom Polo, Jason Sims, Rolande Souliere, Chris Town and Linda Wilken.

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