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Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus (THE f WORD)

March 2014 // Melbourne

Technopia Tours: Feminist Art Bus
Event // March 2014 // Melbourne

On International Women’s Day 2014, Kim Donaldson and Caroline Phillips joined forces to present the Technopia Tours: Feminist Art Bus. Commissioned as a public programme for the THE F WORD project, the bus departed from St Kilda Road and travelled through the CBD and over the West Gate Bridge to key sites of feminist art practice in Melbourne. Special guests performed and spoke both on and off the bus during the afternoon; the day concluded with a SAFE Walk in the CBD.

Technopia Tours, a curatorial initiative of Kim Donaldson, uses the notion of tourism to create new and unexpected realities as it negotiates with place and people through a performative, embodied paradigm. The Technopia Tours: Feminist Art Bus was curated by Caroline Phillips and Kim Donaldson, and supported by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and THE f WORD project. The event launched the public program of the VCA Research Cluster, Matters of the Body

Laura Castagnini, Ebony Gulliver, Susan Hewitt, Lyndal Jones, Kate Just, Dot Kett, Vicki Kinai, Penelope Lee, Justine Makdessi, Elvis Richardson, Kate Robertson, Nat Thomas, Kalinda Vary, and Inez de Vega.


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