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July–September 2020
Assembly Point at Creative Spaces Guild // Melbourne

BOOBOO is a group exhibition of sculptural works by Karryn ArgusStephania Leigh and Caroline Phillips. Following their first collaborative exhibition BOOB—Bias Objects Objective Bodies (Kings ARI, 2016), BOOBOO continues to pursue collective ideas of the embodied object and its agency within feminised spaces.

Leigh’s work explores the visibility of the female form through opaque and abstracted planes of acrylic and wood, with a reductionist approach to colour. Both Phillips and Argus deploy softer materials that share commonalities in their reference to domestic space, and the potential for objects as wearable forms. All three artists utilise minimalist abstraction as a strategic mode of contemporary communication. The collection of shapes and forms in BOOBOO playfully explores the relationship between bodies and objects.

In this COVID-19 era of physical distancing, women have become more invisible, and artists themselves have been silenced. Our bodies have recently become isolated bodies. Through the objects’ formal yet haptic presence, common experiences of materiality, vulnerability and psychological response are brought forward in this collaborative project, asking how individual, material bodies might resonate as a connected community again through their relational solidarity.


The Review Board
SouthBank News review by Rhonda Dredge 


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