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Curatorial Bytes

A selection of exhibitions curated by Caroline Phillips.

Interior Architecture

Exhibition // 16 June–24 July 2011 // La Trobe Art Institute

Interior Architecture, curated by Caroline Phillips, examines a number of ways that contemporary artists experience and represent bodies in space. using a range of processes including performance, video, photography and sculpture, the artists explore the relationship between the built environment and the bodies that inhabit and dwell therein. The building material is not just bricks and mortar, but includes the body of the artist and the viewer, as we encounter these images and representations of lived experience through phenomenological and conscious processes.


Timothy Kendall-Edser, Catherine Evans, Mark Friedlander, Kate Just, Caroline Phillips, Clare Rae, Julie Shiels, Inez de Vega


Catalogue essay
Review in un Magazine 5.2 by Victoria Duckett


The Feminist Salon Residency: The Envelope

Residency/Performance/Exhibition // 24–30 May 2010 // The West Wing

The Feminist Salon is a group of artists, writers and performers who meet regularly to read and discuss the texts of French theorists working in and around issues of contemporary psychoanalytic discourse, philosophy and constructions of ‘the feminine’. The Envelope residency at the West Wing was inspired by Luce Irigaray’s thoughtful, poetic and ultimately empowering proposition of ‘The Envelope’ as a space where identity, desire, sexuality and meaning can be constructed. The week long residency, co-ordinated by Caroline Phillips and Sarah Lynch, engaged this new space and the public with numerous possibilities of discussion, sensorial experience, performance, film, sound, visual art, reading library, and a lecture by Dr Louise Burchill on Irigaray’s concepts.

Sharon Billinge, Dr. Louise Burchill, Angie de Latour, Inez de Vega, Victoria Duckett, Catherine Evans, Janice Gobey, Kate Hodgetts, Kate Just, Anastasia Klose, Sarah Lynch, Caroline Phillips, Hannah Raisin, Caroline Thew, Valentina Palonen, Jane Whitfid.


Weds 26 May, 7pm // Reading group, all welcome, text provided.
Thur 27 May, 5.30pm // Knitting workshop, some materials provided, BYO if you have them.
Friday 28 May, 7pm // Talk and discussion on Luce Irigaray’s notion of space, time and the feminine, with Dr Louise Burchill, video presentations following.
Saturday 29th May, 7pm // Performance night and films to follow.


West Space


Wild vs Man

Exhibition // 13–16 June 2012 // Goodtime Studios

Group show featuring Catherine Evans, Caroline Phillips, Helen Nodding, Valentina Palonen, Anna Parry and Samantha Scott. Curated by Caroline Phillips.


Exhibition Poster

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