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Small Sculpture

A curated selection of smaller scale works exhibited in solo and group shows.

Totem #4 (2019)

Exhibition: Totem and Taboo // 5–21 September 2019 // Feltspace


Exhibition: Of Colour and Light—Women Abstract Artists Biennial // December 2020–February 2021 // West End Artspace

Totem and Taboo makes connections between thought, feeling and the material. Freud’s iconic text of the same name, written in 1918, explores the primacy of instinct, sexuality and spirituality to the organisation of society, through an anthropological study of the rituals and beliefs of certain Indigenous groups, including Indigenous Australians. It links social and political organisational paradigms to innate psychological structures of his formation of the Oedipal complex, and aligns the ‘dark continent’ of the category woman, to ‘the primitive’. Whilst Freud’s ideas construct a racialised and hierarchical view that has been widely discredited, evidence of the dominance of such a patriarchal world view remains, over 100 years later.


lust/re (2017)

Exhibition: Free Love Hurts // 2 August–2 September 2017 // Mailbox Art Space

lust/re (2017) responds to the radical Soviet feminist activism of Alexandra Kollontai. A sexual revolutionary, author and diplomat, Kollontai served as one of the first women in the Bolshevik government’s inner circle after the 1917 Russian Revolution. She fought female oppression and argued that women’s emancipation should extend to their sexuality, as well as their traditional roles in society. As many of Kollontai’s policies were overturned by Stalin in the 1920s, Free Love Hurts stands as a reminder of feminism’s troubled path, and its powerfully optimistic future.


Ring Pull (2011)

Exhibition: Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award 2011 // 2 November–10 December 2011
Deakin University Art Gallery

The Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award recognises small scale sculpture. Finalists for 2011 were selected by the judging panel:
– John Cunningham, Director Warrnambool Art Gallery
– Kelly Gellatly, Curator of contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria
– Leanne Willis, Manager, Art Collection and Galleries Deakin University


Density (2014)

Exhibition: Materialising Feminism // 19-27 February, 2016 // Margaret Lawrence Gallery


Exhibition: Topologies of Sexual Difference // 9–12 December 2014 // George Paton Gallery

Inspired by Luce Irigaray and her thinking of sexual difference, Topologies of Sexual Difference explored current feminist art practices. Held in conjunction with the Luce Irigaray Circle Conference hosted by the VCA Matters of the Body Research Cluster and The Communication, Politics and Culture Research Centre at RMIT. Curated by Caroline Phillips + Dr Louise Burchill.


Tongue and Groove (2014)

Exhibition: THE f WORD // July–October 2014 // Ararat Regional Art Gallery + Gippsland Art Gallery + Melbourne

THE f WORD is a multi-disciplinary platform for exploring feminism through visual art. The project highlights intergenerational dialogue, regional conditions and the materiality of contemporary contexts to explore new visions of contemporary feminist art. Curated by Caroline Phillips.


The Big O #1 (2016)

Exhibition: F49 3D  // 13–22 October 2016 // Factory 49

Group sculpture show with Susan Andrews, Susan Buret, Eden Plaisted, Alan Rose and Lisa Tolcher.


Untitled (2015)

Exhibition: Looking Forward, Looking Back—FAC Conference Exhibition // 23–27 September 2015 // OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University) // Canada

Open Studio group exhibition of artists from the FAC International Feminist Art Residency undertaken May 2015 at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto island.



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